Entry conditions

The C!Print trade show is only for professionals. The organization therefore reserves the right to make a systematic check of the applicant’s activity.

Any request for badge will be checked on the basis of the following documents:

  • VAT number
  • Professional organization member card

In the case that a badge request is not valid, it will be refused.

If your company is under construction or if you want to visit the show through a professional training, please contact our service before the Friday 1st of February 2019.

For students and university :

Our show is exclusively reserved to professionals, however we have decided to authorize a regulated access to students as they can get the possibility to see how the market works. This is under conditions :

  • Student must be under 18 years old.
  • If there is a whole class, students must be escorted by a professor.
  • Every student and professors must be registered in our pre-registration platform.
  • The access to the show is limited to the thursday 7th of February from 2pm to 5pm for all students.
  • Students and professors must keep in mind that this show is a professional event and the exhibitors priority is to make business.

For further information contact our team at: registration@salon-cprint.com

Any badge request will be checked upstream and at the entrance of the show.

Your C!Print badge will also give you free access to CTCO, provided your demand fit with the event’s entry conditions.
More details on CTCO entry conditions



Discover La Plateforme a new tradeshow held at the same time as C!Print and CTCO. This event is specialized in communication solutions.